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UTARPit ™ Roofing Tarps


• UTARPit™ is an innovative self-adhesive water mitigation tarp with a peel away strip that eliminates the need for hammers, nails, wood strips, bricks and sandbags! No need to further damage your property while waiting for the roofer.

• The UTARPit™ revolutionizes the way a roof tarp is applied to a roof because it eliminates the need for a hammer, nails, wood strips, bricks and sandbags.

• By not having to nail through the tarp the consumer is not compromising the integrity of the tarp.

• Furthermore, there is no additional damage caused to a perfectly good roof because of the elimination of the nails.

• It can be applied to multiple surfaces such as shingle, tile, or concrete!

• The UTARPit™ even offers the ability to tarp a barrel tile roof!

• The UTARPit™ is so easy to install it could be done by a single individual.

• Keeping a UTARPit™ in your Hurricane Prep Kit ensures no down time waiting for a roofer after the storm to temporarily cover your damaged roof and protect your property.

• Quick and easy removal of the product once a proper roofing contractor is located to do the needed repairs.

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UTARPit ™ Roofing Tarps