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Air Movers

Some restorers don't spend enough time thinking about their air movers and what they are going to buy next. Rather, their time and attention are focused on customer service and job quality. This ultimately leads to a great company and high profitability. If this describes you then keep reading as we have put together a cheat sheet of sorts on air movers. The days of old where innovation or upgrades on your air movers meant a drastic change in your Return on Investment are over. We'll discuss 'musts' for air movers that you shouldn't pay a penny more for if you buy direct from the manufacturer. Oh wait, that's right: manufacturers' don’t sell direct. Well, except for us here at Impact Restoration Supply.

A good technician's first few concerns have always been what are the amps and how heavy is it? When we have bought air movers that wholesalers are pushing, we have made some wise decisions and some that upset our techs. Let's face it, they're ultimately the ones to have to use this equipment day in and day out.

Firstly, when it comes to air mover weight it's obvious that the lighter the better, but you really want to pay attention to how they carry. Are they balanced well, does the weighting force the air mover to dig into your leg as you lift it up a flight of stairs?

Secondly, amps are king! We found frequently to dry out water damage our electrical amperage available is far less than what we need to run air movers and dehumidifiers. Most restorers have spider boxes they can plug into the dryer or range to reduce 220 power. But good luck passing this along to insurance carriers. More frequently we are hearing 'you need to update your equipment like your competition.' Make sure you are buying the low amp fans. We recommend buying only 3-speed low amp fans as these give you the most flexibility in use for the long haul and shouldn't cost you anything extra when purchasing.

Thirdly, before we sold our restoration company we were drying a small home with 5 air movers that had no GFCI's on them, busy drying a refrigerator line leak. People where still living in the house. We had five air movers with cords going all over the kitchen. Cords had to be taped down to the tiles so that no one would trip over them. It was then that bringing along GFCI air movers would have been a better option and now we never buy fans without a GFCI built in. The job would have looked so much more professional and we'd have had a lot more confidence in the safety and reliability stakes.  Daisy chaining is the only way to go in this generation of restoring. Sell your old fans while there are still buyers and upgrade before everyone figures it out.

Fourthly, there is nothing better than having an air mover cord with a lighted plug on the end.  This helps when figuring out which electrical sockets work and what switches control what sockets. Another upside is that the lights are very helpful figuring out zones on breakers when power goes out. Technicians really like this feature but it should not be an up sale when purchasing and should also not affect your ROI on your air movers.

Now it's time to talk about the annoying things about air movers. There is nothing more irritating than using a air mover that has a surface that can scratch a wood floor that you are now responsible for. Something equally frustrating is to have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on air movers to find that it's not labeled consistently or professionally. Either different employees have labeled in two different spots, or the handwriting is off. Why not buy equipment that is pre-labeled and professional at no extra cost?

If you take these things into account when buying air movers, you can actually save hundreds of labor hours in searching for the labeling on your air movers, systemizing your numbering system and wasted time checking breakers and paperwork.

Always focus on your customer service and quality work, and let us help you be more profitable through acquiring the right air movers with all the bells and whistles at no extra charge and the lowest price guaranteed.

Contact us on 800 684 0518 to start or improve your restoration company and for the best advice and expertise. Impact Restoration Supply stocks wholesale air movers, fans, axials, floor dryers, centrifugals, lighted plugs, GFCI air movers, bar codes, daisy chain systems, Cobra 1150's, Python 3500's, Viper Vortex's at manufacturer direct prices.

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