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Commercial Dehumidifiers

When building your restoration company your first large purchase will be your commercial LGR dehumidifier. Purchasing a industrial dehumidifer can be a daunting task. Models are changing frequently, to accomodate whatever new theory about drying is being taught to a new market of restoration owners. Experienced technicians that you hire will have their own personal prefrences. Some like large dehumidifers that in most cases are overkill or you could get small dehumidifers but you may need 3 or 4 to complete one job on your time frame. So in the end you're still asking the question "Which product deserves my investment?". 

At Impact Restoration Supply our number one priority is your bottom line. What is the quickest way to recieve your ROI? First is to buy inexpensive restoration equipment. Impact knows that your budget is important and we will build a package that fits that budget; we also gaurentee all of our pricing so you will never find a lower price at one of our competitors. Second, don't overbuy, It would slow your growth to purchase 6 large dehumidifers when your restoration business is starting out doing 500 to 1000 SF losses. Third, look for restoration equipment that saves you money in the field. Every piece of restoration equipment Impact Restoration Supply releases is featured with a SureGLO Lighted Plug that notifies you of power failures instantly, they also feature our propietary NeverLeft Technology to prevent loss and theft, we've applied a QR code to the back of every piece of restoration equipment that, with our iPhone and Android app to be realeased 2015, your technician would scan when the dehumidifer, carpet dryer or air scrubber is moving locations. Utilizing the smartphones GPS, you will know the last place your restoration equipment was and you will be creating accountability among your employees, and in the long run decrease shrinkage.

When buying your Dehumidifier you need to ask yourself what is the typical size job you are going to do, how many you will run at the same time, and how large your crews will be. For every one dehumidifier you purchase you should have 10 to 12 Cobra 1800 Centrifugal Air Movers.

Call us at 800.684.0518 for special custom packages built especially for you and your water mitigation company

All restoration equipment manufactured by Impact Restoration Supply is ETL listed for sale in the US, Canada, & several other countries. 
Learn more about the importance of ETL listings and the safety certifications here. 

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Commercial Dehumidifiers