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Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos, crime scene cleanup and lead abatement were the last divisions we started operations in. It seemed that these were the riskiest. As it turns out, the mere fact that they are so heavily regulated and monitored actually works in our favor. There are less unknown factors, the processes are more clearly stated and the end results can be quantitatively measured. When mold became a big issue in the late 90's it was unregulated, and professionals mostly borrowed the work procedures from the asbestos abatement guidelines. As a business owner of an asbestos abatement firm and restoration business, there is significant personal risk in doing this and a danger of a prison sentence if things are not managed properly.

Now there is a great deal of readily available documentation and courses that teach you how to do the work properly so there's no need to repeat those here. What should be pointed out is how important employee safety, occupant safety, and cost containment is on abatement work. There are all sorts of efficiencies you can add to your projects to control labor and costs. However none of this matters if you do not have the proper documentation and records on employee safety in the office and on the job site. Unfortunately many people choose to look the other way when it comes to asbestos and this is most definitely a dangerous choice to make. Don't jeopardize your employees and their families; let alone your own health and even the very business you have created over the years.

Abatement workers produce the best results when properly incentivized. Whether you choose pay them peace meal or total project hours, you must have the right plan in place for your business. Another main concern is making sure that you have the right amount of materials for the job such as HEPA vacuums, tacky mats, tape, air laid towels, HEPA wipes and air testing equipment. My experience has been that if you overstock the job, somehow the supplies still end up all being used. Conversely if you under-supply you can really delay the job and cause it to go off schedule, racking up extra costs.

These are just a few of the complexities of asbestos removal issues that took us five years of careful planning and learning before launching.  Hindsight's a wonderful thing as it's easy to regret not tackling this area of expertise a lot sooner when the rewards are so great.

Contact us at (800) 684-0518 to start or improve your restoration company and for the best advice and expertise on asbestos removal.  Impact Restoration supplies wholesale asbestos removal products, HEPA vacuums, poly sheeting, tacky mats, tape, air laid towels, HEPA wipe and air testing equipment at manufacturer direct pricing.

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