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Fire Damage and Soot Removal

If you're new to the restoration industry then smoke clean up and pack out can sound pretty vague. Smoke clean up and pack out are different solutions when someone has endured a house fire, large or small. Generally speaking, after the fire has occurred the insurance company or homeowner will call you out to help them go through the mess. This tends to start with a quick structure clean and move through a pack out.

Typically on a small structure clean, something has burned that causes an odor. Odors such as plastic, protein and wood all have different chemicals and good restoration businesses know what processes most effectively reduce particular odors. Be sure to do your research. You cannot clean them all using the same methods or with the same chemicals. Each building is unique and has what we call hidden pockets of odor that we must identify when dealing with fire and smoke odor. A lot of people try and mask odors in an effort to make the smell go away but it rarely works. If it does, when it gets hot and the molecules expand the odor is once again released into the air, and that pesky smell comes back. In an effort to avoid this we must apply the old fashioned refrain - elbow grease and a detailed clean.

Typically we like to clean, literally, from top to bottom. We need to clean every square inch if we are to guarantee an odor free home. We prefer to put in air scrubbers with charcoal filters on the day of the inspection as a tool to secure the job. If they sign while the inspection is taking place, we leave it at no charge to them during the cleaning process. We clean ceilings, light fixtures, walls, air ducts, returns, cabinets inside and out, floors, couches, chairs and flooring. Assume that anything and everything in the house will have an odor on it and needs to be cleaned. Some are cleaned with wet cleaning methods like steam while others are cleaned with dry methods. Depending on what the source of the contamination was, ozone may be used to finish out the home.  At the finish, it should be the most thorough clean the home has ever had, even for a clean freak!

Contact us at (800) 684-0518 to start or improve your restoration business and for the best advice and expertise on fire damage clean up. Impact Restoration Supply stocks wholesale chemical sponges, soot removal tools, odor control equipment, ozone machines, and charcoal filters at manufacturer direct pricing. 

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