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With the struggling economy and shortage of large storm damage over the last 5 years, insurance restoration companies have been overburdened trying to make their margins. Many restoration firms have closed their doors in the last 24 months. We had to do something about it! We built a Supply company in alignment with business owner’s goals: “Their Profits”. The supply side generally is the hardest place to save for a restoration company forced to watch their expenses. We took a stand and have started a movement to make it about owners once again. We only sell direct, so we can offer you deep discounts. 

We take our mission statements seriously. Our goal is to increase the profits of our customers. If we are not doing that, they will go elsewhere. We can do this through unprecedented pricing but also through technology. All of our equipment comes with our proprietary “Never Left” barcode tracking system. You can use it right out of the box and save hours on inventory, tracking and labeling all your equipment. It is done for you from the factory. This has a built-in cost savings from hundreds to thousands of dollars before you even plug it in on the first job.

We have found that when our goals for doing business are in alignment with our customers', then we truly have a great relationship.

This big struggle in the economy actually produced a new company that helps smaller companies learn how to grow with smaller margins...

Join the movement! Cut out the middleman.

It's time to revolt!

Save Money, Make It Easy!

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