Keep Yourself Clean with the Help of EconoGuard Disposable Coveralls

Keep Yourself Clean with the Help of EconoGuard Disposable Coveralls

Impact Discusses EconoGuard Disposable Coveralls Design and Price

When working on a messy job, such as painting a room, wearing protective equipment is a good idea. With the help of protective equipment, such as Econoguard Disposable coveralls, you can keep your clothing protective from the mess related to your projected.

The lightest suit in the Impact Restoration Supply line of coveralls, the EconoGuard Disposable Coveralls are designed to be thrown away after the project is complete. With its elastic hood, wrists, and boots, the EconoGuard offers maximum comfort and flexibility. Used primarily for painting, the EconoGuard comes in convenient 25-packs to help save money while also keeping plenty of coveralls on hand.

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Impact Restoration Supply is pleased to offer its 25-pack EconoGuard coveralls in both 2XL and 3 XL sizes through Amazon. To completely prepare yourself for your painting project, we also offer lightweight painters plastic, N95 masks, and disposable cloth booties. If you are working on a mold removal or an asbestos remediation project, the DuraGuard line of coveralls products is slightly higher grade. For bio-hazard or cat3 water mitigation projects, the AquaGuard is the best option. All three of the disposable coverall options from Impact Restoration Supply are available in 25-packs. By purchasing the coveralls in bulk in this way, you can save a significant amount of money.

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