Make Your Job Easier with Flex Ducting

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Make Your Job Easier with Flex Ducting

Working in an area with poor airflow that requires extra ventilation is not only dangerous, but it can be quite tricky as well. After all, obtaining the proper airflow can be difficult in areas that are tight, cramped and filled with obstacles. Unfortunately, when working on a restoration project, these conditions are fairly common, which means you have to find a solution to the problem that will quickly and easily get the air flowing once more. With the help of PVC flex ducting, you can achieve the air quality that you need for the area where you are working.

PVC Ducting | 4" Flex Duct Pallet of 6 | Exhaust Ducting

PVC Ducting | 4″ Flex Duct Pallet of 6 | Exhaust Ducting

Carrying Air with Flex Ducting

During many restoration projects, the air being generated from your air mover needs to be redirected to a specific area. By attaching your flex ducting to an air mover, you can quickly and easily snake the ducting around obstacles in order to reach the area that requires air movement. This may be helpful in terms of drying an area or it may help to increase your safety as you use a combination of a dehumidifier, air mover and flex ducting to control low-grain air. Flex ducting is particularly beneficial for small areas, confined areas that can’t be reached by air movers.

Selecting Flex Ducting

When selecting flex ducting, it is important to consider the length of the ducting. If it is too short, snaking it to the areas where the airflow is necessary may be difficult. On the other hand, you want flex ducting that can be collapsed to a compact size that is easy to transport when the job is complete. Flex ducting should also be made so that it is resistant to kinks and deformities, as the last thing you want is to have to deal with untangling your ducting or dealing with holes or other issues while on the job site.

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