Minimize the Effects of Water Damage with the Cobra 1800

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Minimize the Effects of Water Damage with the Cobra 1800

When it comes to restoring an area that has been damaged by water, drying the area quickly and efficiently is a top priority. Failure to dry the area quickly can result in a significant increase to the amount of damaged caused by the water, as moisture gives mold the perfect opportunity to grow and spread. The longer water sits in place, the more time it also has to seep in and damage wood and other materials.

To help with drying the space quickly, it is important to purchase the right type air mover. The Cobra 1800 Centrifugal Floor Fan is a great option for drying areas that have been flooded. With its 1.9 Amp draw on low and 2.9 Amp draw on high, it offers two speeds to help address your needs without pulling a significant amount of electricity. At the same time, with its small, lightweight design, the fan weighs just 27 pounds and takes up just 18.5” x 16.5 x 18.5” of space. This allows the technician to easily move the fan from place to place or to reposition it in order to achieve the most effective angle. For even greater efficiency and effectiveness, the Cobra 1800 can also be moved to three different positions to accommodate your specific drying needs.

Finding the right equipment is the key to implementing an effective restoration project that minimizes water damage. The fully stackable Cobra 1800 offers the light weight, versatility and power needed to complete virtually any flood restoration project.

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