Planning Ahead for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

Planning Ahead for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is a record breaking disaster heading to Florida

While some of the details of Hurricane Irma are still uncertain in terms of where it is going to hit the hardest, experts are in agreement that Hurricane Irma has the potential to be one of the worst hurricanes the country has seen in the last several hundred years. As such, Florida residents need to not only prepare their homes for impact before evacuating, but they also need to start planning ahead for cleanup once the hurricane has passed. With the help of Impact Restoration Supply, Florida residents and water mitigation professionals can easily obtain all of the equipment they need at a reasonable price.

Getting the Job Done with Impact Restoration Supply

Water Mitigation Package 1250 Square Feet

Water Mitigation Package 1250 Square Feet – Click to learn more

At Impact Restoration Supply, we specialize in water mitigation products. By narrowly focusing on only those types of products, we are able to ensure that we bring the highest-quality products to our customers at the best price possible. Our goal is to offer durable, highly efficient products with all of the latest technology to our customers at a reasonable price. From commercial dehumidifiers to adhesive zipper tape, we are a one-stop shop offering all that is needed to help a home or business recover from flooding.

Staying Safe with Impact Restoration Supply

When working on a water mitigation project, it is important to obtain the right equipment to dry the house or business that has been flooded. It is also essential to keep yourself safe while doing the job. For this reason, we offer personal protective clothing and other items that can be used to keep yourself safe and to seal off the area while work is being done. By providing large equipment such as air movers and carpet dryers along with the small details such as protective gloves, we hope to help our customers save both time and money. In times like this with Hurricane Irma about to strike and Houston residents still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, fast, reliable service has never been more important. Contact Impact Restoration Supply today to learn more about how we can help!

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