Safely and Effectively Dry a Space with Carpet Dryers from Impact Restoration

Carpet Dryers

Safely and Effectively Dry a Space with Carpet Dryers from Impact Restoration

Impact Discusses How to Effectively Dry a Space with Carpet Dryers

Using carpet dryers is an effective method for drying a space after it has been flooded. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, however, it is important to keep a few key safety tips in mind. These include:

  • Never leave carpet blowers unattended or running overnight
  • Have the air mover serviced every 3 to 6 months by a qualified electrician
  • Do not use extension leads
  • Check leads regularly for damage
  • Position the blower so air can flow into it without obstruction
  • Place the blower away from curtains or other items that could be sucked into the intake area
  • Clean the intake area regularly

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In addition to these safety tips, you can increase the efficiency of your carpet blower by moving the fan every hour or two to encourage even drying. You should also ensure the fan is blowing the air horizontally across the floor rather than up into the air. Pairing the blower with a dehumidifier will also help to expedite the drying process, as moist air needs a way to escape from the space. 

Carpet dryers are a great investment for any flood restoration project. At Impact Restoration, we offer a number of carpet dryers from which to choose. Among these are the Viper Pro Series, the Cobra 1800, the BOA 4000 Axial Floor Fan and the Viper 2000 Axial Floor Fan. Each of these options offers different features that can be beneficial to specific projects or the needs of certain technicians. Explore our various blowers to find the model or models that are right for you.

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