Save Money with the Residential Water Mitigation Package from Impact Restoration

Save Money with the Residential Water Mitigation Package from Impact Restoration


Whether you are starting a water restoration business or you are simply looking to expand your equipment supply so you can provide the best services possible, purchasing a package from Impact Restoration is a great way to achieve your business goals. Not only does purchasing a package help to provide your business with the equipment that it needs, but a package is also a great way to save money on the individual cost of each product.

One of the package options available at Impact Restoration is the Residential Water Mitigation Package. Capable of addressing the water restoration needs for a 500 square foot space, this package includes all of the following:

  • 10 Cobra 1800 Air Movers. Featuring a 1/3 horsepower motor with 2 speeds and 3 positions, the Cobra 1800 Air Movers are the signature dryers at Impact Restoration. These fully stackable air movers keep a high volume of air flowing with a very low AMP draw of just 1.9 amps at the lowest setting and 2.9 amps at the highest setting.
  • 1 EcoDry 110 LGR Dehumidifier. Available in red or green, these dehumidifiers boast a 110 Pints AHAM Rating and 210 Pints at full saturation.

While this package will not be all that you need to build a successful water mitigation business, it is certainly a good start. Or, it can also serve as a good addition to the equipment that you already have in place. Buy your equipment in bulk so you can increase your profit margin by saving on high-quality and reliable equipment.

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