Southern California Still Experiencing Drought Conditions Despite Recent Flooding


Southern California Still Experiencing Drought Conditions Despite Recent Flooding

Impact Discusses Southern California and the Drought Conditions Despite Recent Flooding

Following a five-year drought that resulted in numerous restrictions being placed on California residents and their water usage, parts of the state have seen a massive uptick in the amount of rainfall they are receiving, however, southern California still experiencing drought despite the flooding. In fact, Los Angeles alone went from being bone dry to receiving 216 percent of its normal rainfall in the past four months. While many maps still show Southern California as being in a drought as it tries to make up for the lack of rain over the last several years, the recent storms have led to flooding and damage in some parts of the state.

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Since October first, downtown Los Angeles alone has received more than 13 inches of rain. This figure is significantly higher than the normal of 6.26 inches for that same period of time. This is quite the turnaround when compared to the last five years, which have been the driest years the downtown area has experienced since official records started to be maintained nearly 140 years ago. In fact, precipitation over that time period totaled just 38.79 inches, which is about half of the normal amount for that area.

While storms in Northern California were helping to ease the drought in that area, Southern California was not experiencing the same relief until recently. With so much coming down at one time, however, streets and freeways are flooding. Long Beach, for example, received a record-breaking 4 inches of rain while Redondo received 3.44 inches. Nonetheless, the region that spans from Orange County to Tulare County is still considered to be under extreme drought conditions with officials warning that the water shortage is likely to continue for some time.

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