Stay Healthy and Safe with the AquaGuard Disposable Coveralls

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Stay Healthy and Safe with the AquaGuard Disposable Coveralls

Impact Discusses the Benefits of Aquaguard Disposable Coveralls

When it comes to cleaning up after a water disaster or other bio-hazard incident, having the proper equipment such as the AquaGuard Disposable Coveralls is essential. Not only do you need the proper equipment for the actual cleaning process, but you also need to have protective gear in order to keep yourself healthy and safe.
Used in extreme cleanups, the AquaGuard disposable coverall features double stitched seams and a strong slip-proof red zipper. Designed for bio-hazard to cat3 water mitigation projects, the red zipper on the AquaGuard disposable coverall distinguishes it from non-bio-hazard suits. Equipped with hood, feet and elastic wrists, the AquaGuard is comparable to Dupont, Aramsco, Abatix, Interlink and SAS Brands with optimal particle protection at a 50 GSM rating.

New 25 Pack Aquaguard Disposable Coveralls on AmazonĀ»

The AquaGuard Microporous Coverall is now available on Amazon in 25-packs of 2XL and 3XL sizes. Other products that are effectively paired with the AquaGuard coverall include latex and powder free nitrile gloves, N95 masks and disposable plastic booties. The AquaGuard line of coveralls is specifically designed for extreme cleanups where your health needs to be protected from toxins related to bio-hazards and water mitigation. For lighter projects, consider the EconoGuard or DuraGuard line of coverall products. The EconoGuard is the lightest option, while the DuraGuard is a slightly higher grade.

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