Stay Safe with Air Filtration Products from Impact Restoration


Stay Safe with Air Filtration Products from Impact Restoration

Impact Discusses How to Stay Safe when Using Air Filtration Products

Using air filtration products is an essential part of staying safe when working on a flood restoration project. With mold spores and other potentially toxic airborne agents to contend with, using an air filtration product prevents the technician from inhaling these dangerous contaminants. To receive the benefits of these products, however, it is important to replace the filters in your equipment on a regular basis.

At Impact Restoration, we have a variety of NC Filtration filters available for purchase. These include:

  • HEPA: Options include 95 percent and 99.97 percent efficiencies available. Varieties available include standard particle board, standard metal, hi cap particle board, hi cap metal, mini pleat/chipboard and mini pleat/metal HEPA filters.
  • Pleated Filters: Options include pleated filters and carbon pleat filters.
  • Pads: Polyester filter pads, which are used as a pre-filter in air scrubbers and negative air machines.
  • Ring Panel Filters: Internally self-supported polyester filters available in links with high dust holding capacities.

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With over sixty years of air filtration manufacturing experience, NC Filtration is a proven leader in the air filter industry. The many varieties and sizes of air filters available ensure you will find the filter that you need to suit your equipment and your needs. Whether you need an air filter for your personal protective equipment or you need a filter for your carpet dryer, humidifier or other equipment in order to filter the air in the space that you are restoring, our filters will help to ensure you stay safe and healthy while on the job.

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