The 5 Steps to the Home Restoration Process

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The 5 Steps to the Home Restoration Process

As a homeowner, it is important to be familiar with the process that is used by a home restoration professional when assessing the needs of your property. To that end, here are the 5 steps you can expect a restoration professional to take when assessing damage.

Step #1: Identifying the Water Source

The first step in the process is to identify the water source. In this way, the restoration expect can take the steps necessary to prevent further water damage from occurring.

Step #2: A Detailed Inspection

The next step in the process is to complete a detailed inspection of the property, which includes making a thorough assessment of any damage that may have been caused by the water. During the inspection process, the restoration expert must also check for contaminated water. The type of water contamination will affect the restoration process that is used with your property. Generally speaking, there are three categories of water:

  • White / Category 1 Water
  • Gray / Category 2 Water
  • Black / Category 3 Water

Step #3: Preparing the Area

The level of water contamination within the property will affect the process of cleaning up the water and preparing the damage. If there are contamination issues, the restoration expert may need to wear a biohazard suit or other personal protective clothing in order to prevent the spread of contaminants. It may also be necessary to put up barriers that can only be accessed by entering through special adhesive zippers. If you know of certain contamination issues, such as asbestos or lead in the home, be sure to share that information with the restoration specialist.

Step #4: Removing Contents

Items that have not been damaged, such as furniture, may need to be removed in order to prevent damage from occurring. Items that cannot be removed may be blocked or otherwise protected to prevent rust, stains or other issues.

Step #5: Cleaning Up

Now that everything is properly prepared, your restoration expert can actually begin the process of drying your property and preparing damage. Soon, your home should be back to normal!

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