Save Money on Water Mitigation in Houston Texas

Water Mitigation in Houston Texas

Save Money on Water Mitigation in Houston Texas

Impact Restoration is your Expert Solution for Water Mitigation in Houston Texas

Are you looking for the right equipment to assist with water mitigation in Houston Texas? Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, obtaining the right equipment in a timely manner is essential. After all, many people’s homes have been damaged by the hurricane and the resulting flooding, preventing residents from returning to a normal way of life. By obtaining the proper equipment quickly and at a reasonable price, you can help Houston residents get back on track.

Saving Money with Impact Supply

Water Mitigation Package 1250 Square Feet

Water Mitigation Package 1250 Square Feet – Click to learn more

At Impact Supply, we specialize in providing high-quality water mitigation equipment at a low price, allowing you to obtain all of the equipment that you need to run a successful business. Or, if you are a homeowner who wishes to do the job yourself, you can trust that the equipment you purchase from Impact Supply will help you get the job done quickly and effectively.

By offering our products in bulk, we are better able to offer our equipment at an affordable cost. To that end, one of our most popular packages is the Residential Water Mitigation Package. With this package, you receive 20 Cobra 1800s and two EcoDry 110 LGR Dehumidifiers for a little more than $6,000. In the typical situation, this package is all you need to complete a water mitigation job in a 1,250-square-foot living space.

Working Together to Get the Job Done

Since the EcoDry 110 LGR Dehumidifiers work best with 10 to 12 air movers, this package provides the perfect ratio with one humidifier for ever 10 air movers. While the air movers are great for removing moisture from the floor, the dehumidifiers help to remove the moisture from the air. By working together in this way, the equipment ensures all of the moisture is properly removed in order to prevent further damage to the area.

To learn more about this money-saving package, contact Impact Restoration today!

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